Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This policy explains why I collect your personal information, how I use it and under what conditions I may disclose it to others. It relates to your use of this website as well as general use of the counselling and psychotherapy service. 

By using my services, you’re agreeing to be bound by this policy.

Any questions regarding privacy and data protection can be sent by email to

Why I collect your personal data

I collect your personal data so that I can contact you when necessary and also in order to comply with the recommendations of BACP and my insurance company.

The lawful basis on which I use this information

In order to collect and use personal data you share, I must have a lawful basis to do this. I have determined that ‘legitimate interests’ is the most appropriate lawful basis for both personal (article 6) and special category data (article 9).  See for more details.

How I collect your personal data

Contact form:

I have a contact form on my website which you can use to arrange appointments or request information. By filling out the contact form, you provide me with your name, email address and telephone number as well as any other information you choose to share in the body of your message. By completing this form, you grant me permission to contact you. If, at any stage, including after an assessment session you decide not to get into a counselling agreement with me, I will delete all of your personal information. 

When you get in touch with me through a phone call, email, BACP website or social media:

As above, I will only keep your details if you decide to get into a counselling agreement with me. The information provided by you will be retained in its original form, stored within my email provider, on a secure, password-protected laptop or mobile phone. By getting in contact with me, you the user consent to be contacted in response to your query.

Storage of personal information

If you decide to make use of my counselling and psychotherapy services after the assessment session, I will ask you to fill in a client details form. In this form, I will ask for your name, address, date of birth, contact details, emergency contact, GP surgery details whether or not you use any medications.  I will retain this information for the purposes of providing services and to fulfil my legal duties in the event of risk of immediate and serious harm coming to you or to someone else, especially a child. If I do have to break confidentiality, I will first discuss this with you where possible. I will be storing your personal information gathered via paper form securely in a locked facility. 

I write processed notes of our sessions together electronically either on an online encrypted system or on a password protected personal laptop. Your surname will not be linked to the process notes, these will be held on a first name basis. These records will be stored securely and kept for a period of reasonable time.

Third parties

I will never share your personal details with third parties. 

The only exception is when you are accessing the service funded by a private company or health insurance in which case I may be required to share basic information with them. By accessing the service via these methods, you are consenting to this sharing of information.

All therapists are required to have regular clinical supervision sessions. Your case may be discussed during these sessions, but you will not be identifiable.

I am registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and my registration number is ZA789963.

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